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New releases due in soon....

All available releases at Little Universe can be purchased at my Discogs inventory. Cheers Gary (October 2014)


bvdub | A History Of Distance

bvdub | A History Of Distance | £9.99

"A History of Distance" has a far more aching undercurrent than any of his previous bvdub works. Each of the four narrative length tracks beg for your attention then envelop you in their dreamy arc. There are even a few moments sprinkled about its near 80 minute run-time where Van Wey takes bvdub into new territory, most evident in the title track with its contorted Garage shuffle and gauzy Shoegaze epilogue. "A History of Distance" is bvdub spreading out, encasing you in waves of sound even more than before, whether it be by geography, or that empty feeling of isolation that some of us deal with everyday....

Dryft | The Blur Vent

Dryft | The Blur Vent | £9.99

The new album by Dryft (Mike Cadoo), The Blur Vent, yet again adding new textures and styles to Dryft's phonic scuffle. Beginning where its predecessor left us hanging, The album quickly launches us into some mutant after party where Drag, Future Garage, Drone and even R&B elements have been defaced to fit Cadoo's clear vision of Dryft in 2014.

Tangent | Transience

Tangent | Transience | £9.99 

From Dutch duo Tangent comes their engaging sophomore effort ‘Transience’. An auditory montage of beatwork that blends subtly abrasive, mechanical rhythms with fascinating time signatures, scattered glitches, and nostalgic orchestral movements, that culminate into a cauldron of latent kinetic energy and sophisticated electronic noir.

EyeScream | Noir

EyeScream | Noir | £9.99 

EyeScream's 1st release 'Noir' on Tympanik Audio. Written specifically for the Tympanik Audio audience, ‘Noir‘ seamlessly blends a multitude of elements from diverse genres to create an intriguing listening experience. From clean, glitchy synthlines and pronounced beatwork to expansive ambient and post-rock elements, the sound of ‘Noir‘ proves to be both interchangeable and elusive; at once an emotive journey that leads you out of a disturbing dream and into warm sunlight.


Brilliant new album from Ocoeur | A Parallel Life is now available at Little Universe.
"fusing thoughtfully crafted melodies with twitchingly syncopated techno"

Also back in stock Ocoeur | Light As A Feather | £9.99

Ocoeur | A Parallel Life

Ocoeur | A Parallel Life | £9.99

Ocoeur's latest album A Parallel Life finds Franck Zaragoza showcasing his adeptness at fusing thoughtfully crafted melodies with twitchingly syncopated techno. Zaragoza's melodies, while often shrouded in hazes of static, affect the cinematic minimalism of Modern Composition. These such comparisons put him stylistically hovering somewhere between the likes of Arovane and Max Richter which is no meager feat. A Parallel Life aches, breathes, pulsates and is forever churning. It has a subliminal soul that is all too often a casualty of electronic music of this style. A Parallel Life is out July 22nd on CD.

Special offer on Ltd availability on the "Bliss out" range  of CD's on the Darla label. Features a varied range of Downtempo electronica. Click on the album covers to purchase. Only £8.99 each! Once there're gone...there're gone!!

Flowchart | Tenjira Windy & Carl | Antarctica Orange Cake Mix | Silver Lining Underwater Füxa | Venoy Tomorrowland | Stereoscopic Soundwaves Mirza | Anadromous Transient Waves | Wading & Waiting American Analog Set, The | Late One Sunday & The Following Morning Junior Varsity KM | Taking Care Of You
Sweet Trip | Halica Bright | Blue Christian Cat's Miaow, The | The Long Goodbye Lilys | Zero Population Growth Technicolor | Normal Control Range Mus | AÍda Aarktica | ...Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway Japancakes | Belmondo Manual with  Jess Kahr | The North Shore


A brand new album from The Long Light (Andy Condon of The Glimmer Room) "Our Waking Hours" Ltd to just 40 copies. Those of you into Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Bruno Sanfilippo's, "Piano Textures" and John Foxx's, "Cathedral Oceans" albums will lap this  up.


The Long Light | Our Waking Hours | £9.99

The Long Light | Our Waking Hours | £9.99

"Our Waking Hours is an album of two sides, side one is a minimal piano piece side two is a system piece akin to Brian Eno’s Discrete Music. The idea of this album is that it is collaboration between you and me, you choose a day any day and start it by playing track one before you do anything else and finish your day with the second track as you drift off to sleep. During your waking hours you take a picture, write some text something that encapsulated your day and send it to me where I will upload it to a page on the new Long Light website. My hope is that within a few months we can together create something quite unique and special."  - Andy Condon

Two brand new releases at Little Universe this month from Glacial Movements. MACHINEFABRIEK, "Stillness Soundtracks" and YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN  "Northern Gulfs".

MACHINEFABRIEK | Stillness Soundtracks | £10.99

MACHINEFABRIEK | Stillness Soundtracks | £10.99

Trained as a graphic designer, Rotterdam's Rutger Zuydervelt started releasing as Machinefabriek in 2004. In 2006 he released his first official full length album, 'Marijn', which was voted by the Wire as one of that years bests electronica albums.

Now the film scores are presented on 'Stillness Soundtracks', including two exclusive tracks. "It speaks for itself that there's no better label to release this then the Glacial Movements label, so I couldn't be happier" Rutger Zuydervelt, April 2014.

YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN | Northern Gulfs | £10.99

YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN | Northern Gulfs | £10.99

Yair Elazar Glotman is a musician and sound artist living and working in Berlin. His focus is on experimental electroacoustic composition, sound installations and sound sculptures. In addition, he works as a sound designer and composer for film, dance and video art.

This album is a journey through the arctic gulfs in the north seas . Electro-acoustic composition aiming to find a delicate balance between digital processing and analog electronics, with acoustic instruments and real-world field recordings.

Bavaria | We'll Take a Dive | £ 10.99

Bavaria | We'll Take a Dive | £ 9.99

Bavaria is John Tejada and Kimi Recor. While We'll Take a Dive is the first for the duo's newly cemented partnership they have appeared as guests on each other's releases for nearly a decade. In theory We'll Take a Dive might sound like an exercise in minimalism, which couldn't be further from the truth. The album highlights the duo's deftness in getting maximal use from their instruments of choice while creating a superb darkly-hued electronic pop album that showcases its own unique strain of affecting tension and restraint.


Mark Harris | The Angry Child | £ 10.99

Mark Harris | The Angry Child | £ 9.99

I usually put a project "to bed' for a few months and not listen to it and come back to it fresh (I've always feel there's a danger of getting too close to your work). Listening back I was stuck by how all of the pieces were evocative of the landscape of rural Norfolk in the UK where I spent a lot of time when I was a boy, an endless flat landscape where the tide would take the sea out from miles and at times the sea / the sky / and the weather all gradually merge together. I remember how as a boy I would spend hours sitting on a small hill looking out to sea watching the light / clouds and weather gradually change... I hope the listener catches something of the feeling of that place and time by listening to this work, so please, enjoy. - Mark Harris


Elise Mélinand | Gray Hoodie | £ 10.99

Elise Mélinand | Gray Hoodie | £ 9.99

Gray Hoodie is the debut album from french musician / composer Elise Mélinand. Crafted by Mélinand to tell a story of a friend who gave her a gray hoodie one cold evening. This gray hoodie was a symbol of their friendship and this album is said by Mélinand to be "A way to thank him for everything he gave me". Gray Hoodie showcases Mélinand's childlike voice and legato string work juxtaposed over frenetic experimental beat-work all injected into ten cinematic vignettes that exude the comfort and warmth of a sweatshirt on a cold day.



Zinovia | The Gift Of Affliction | £9.29

Zinovia | The Gift Of Affliction | £9.29

Place yourself in a futuristic lounge hidden away in the depth of some distant unnamed city. The atmosphere inside swirls with a smokey, yet airy charm, as random glasses clink in the darkness and a smattering of enigmatic characters sit and absorb the sounds emerging from within. On the unpretentious stage, a sultry woman stands behind a control panel of various machines, their indicators and displays splashing colors of light across her face, illuminating a gentle sadness in her eyes as she controls and manipulates her sounds. Her name is ZinoviaShe is from Athens. Her work is titled ‘The Gift Of Affliction‘ and it seems to have the entire audience entranced. No doubt, there is a deeply personal connection here.

Autoclav1.1 | Portents Call | £9.29 

Autoclav1.1 | Portents Call | £9.29

With Autoclav1.1's 7th album ‘Portents Call‘, proliferant Tony Young offers his listeners a cross-pollination of genres that pushes the envelope of his signature sound by stepping confidently forward with another engaging new collection of songs.Airy atmospheres, evocative vocals, subtle orchestral movements, and symmetrical synthlines blend together over gritty and addictive broken beatwork to create a dense and engaging listening experience. ‘Portents Call‘ deploys a contrasting blend of organic and mechanical overtures along with a seamless integration of punchy polyrhythms, inter-spliced with roomy atmospheres and strong piano melodies.

ESA | Themes Of Carnal Empowerment | £9.29

ESA | Themes Of Carnal Empowerment | £9.29

ESA returns with part two of his conceptual album series ‘Themes of Carnal Empowerment‘. Continuing where ‘Pt. 1: Lust’ left off, ESA once again offers a powerful rhythmic noise assault spanning 11 hard-hitting new industrial tracks. The album sparks off with the slow-burn intro “Let The Sinful Sparrow Sing” as a harmony between piano, soulful female vocals, marching beats, and distant synthlines build a gradual tension, ultimately detonating into the energetic beat-driven stomper “I Know Your Wounds“. From there the album charges forward with one breathless sonic cavalcade after another from the throbbing basslines and guttural vocals of “The Heart Is Marked” to the feverish pounding beats and glitch accented powerhouse of “The Shape Of Hate To Come“.  


bvdub | A Careful Ecstasy | £10.99

bvdub | A Careful Ecstasy | £10.99

A Careful Ecstasy, the sequel to Serenity, sees bvdub tread a notably more autobiographical and thus, perhaps unsurprisingly, melancholic path than its predecessor while still holding fast to the promise of hope.

Perhaps the clearest melding of his ambient, chillout, and deep house roots to date, A Careful Ecstasy tells a story of love found and lost, the life we live in and out of its throes, and the beauty that is its eternal, yet often tragic pursuit… for without that pursuit, life would have no meaning – and without sorrow, there would be no ecstasy.

bvdub | Born In Tokyo | £10.99

bvdub | Born In Tokyo | £9.99

For those keeping track 'Born In Tokyo' is album number twenty from Brock Van Wey's bvdub alias. As Its title suggests the album's amorous core was born upon a return from a brief trip to Tokyo in early 2013.
The music's feel and flow highly suggest that this trip had a positive impact on Van Wey.
The longing in the piano work that highlights the album sets the stage for Van Wey's various songstress' to weave through the near deep house rhythmic passages that come and go throughout the album's 70 plus minute runtime.

bvdub & Loscil | Erebus | £10.99 

bvdub & Loscil | Erebus | £10.99

This collaboration between Bvdub (Brock Van Wey) and Vancouver’s Loscil (Scott Morgan) does just that, but with a rich sound that is packed full of harmony and sounds absolutely beautiful on headphones. These are studies in true ambience, achieving a sense of weightlessness with a complete lack of drums, and only a brief sense of pulse in the middle of ‘Aether’.
‘Hypnos’ has a softly shifting vocal pattern that works really well, while the longer tracks – ‘Aether’ and ‘Moirai’ especially – give time for the listener to completely immerse themselves in the gorgeous sounds. Everything that Loscil in particular touches seems to turn to ice cold purity – and this rather special piece of work is no exception. 5 out of 5. Reviewed By Ben Hogwood.
DMC Magazine


(ghost) | Departure | £10.99

(ghost) | Departure | £9.99

Departure is the debut album from Connecticut based producer (ghost). Rooted firmly at electronic music's crossroads where electronic pop, early artificial intelligence era 'Warpisms' and experimental electro intersect Departure follows a thinly structured concept in which a protagonist, possibly (ghost) himself(?), escapes a type of confinement in search of freedom or immunity.

Wholly optimistic but not without it's moods of trepidation that such flight might yield, (ghost) greets the listener with engaging melodies, swabs of skittering electro backbeats and the occasional soulful guitar phrase all to great effect.

Asonat | Love In Times Of Repetition | £10.99

Asonat | Love In Times Of Repetition | £9.99

"Love In Times Of Repetition" is the debut album from Icelandic duo Asonat. While a new project, its members are already veterans in post millennial electronic music. Fannar Ásgrímsson (one half of Plastik Joy) and Jónas Thór Guðmundsson (Ruxpin) with a little help from co-patriot Kjartan Ólafsson (Ampop & Kjarr), Japanese singer Chihiro and the French singer Olèna Simon have made an album that sounds less like a paint-by-numbers Plastik Joy / Ruxpin team up but a fresh take on vocal-centric experimental downtempo. As one might expect Ruxpin's soothing IDM electronics are present as is Ásgrímsson's metered, programming and guitar but both artists elements are now shrouded in a new warmer blanket of timbre, style and emotion.

Diamat | Being Is The Sum Of Appearing | £10.99

Diamat | Being Is The Sum Of Appearing | £9.99

Founded by Attilio Bruzzone (co-founder and composer of port-royal) and Andrea Zangrandi in the Fall of 2011 during port-royal's Russian tour. The duo later added long time friend Christos Garmpidakis (dergar). As one might suspect the album features Bruzzone's brand of lush melancholic electronic music with Garmpidakis and Zangrandi providing some extra (and all important) texture to the songs which give the track a certain shimmer that represents the harmonic fusion of these three individuals. At times the proceedings can get quite cavernous yet shimmering at the same time, atmospherically structured and chaotically fused, while remaining firmly in the four-on-the-floor ambient-techno realm when things do get moving can induce some much liberated hip shaking. Add in an abundance of delayed guitars and synths of all sorts, plenty of layers of sound to drown in, powerful yet polished electronic beats and some undeniably sophisticated structures you'll be able to envision the essence of this record. 

Dreissk | Edge_Horizon | £10.99

Dreissk | Edge_Horizon | £9.99

'edge_horizon' is the sophomore album from Seattle based electronic musician dreissk. The album flows through a series of interwoven themes that have a strong cinematic spine where futuristic-post-industrial vistas are forever in the hazy distance.

There is an undeniable weight to such post-apocalyptic ambiance, quite often in passages with no discernible percussion. This shows dreissk mastermind Kevin Patzelt's adeptness at using restraint to create tension without resorting to the all-out bombast of his peers. Highly recommend for fans of Gridlock, Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack, and Stendeck.

To Destroy A City | Rebuild | Ltd Edition | £10.99

To Destroy A City | Rebuild | Ltd Edition | £9.99

Rebuild is the remix companion of To Destroy A City's debut self titled album. With band curated reinterpretations by Solar Fields, Dalot, Lights Out Asia, Boy Is Fiction, Winterlight, Connectedness Locus, and M.Szaejko. Limited to 260 copies worldwide. 

Winterlight | Hope Dies Last | £10.99

Winterlight | Hope Dies Last | £9.99

"Hope Dies Last" is the debut album from Tim Ingham's sun-kissed instrumental project Winterlight. Including new and previously unreleased material, the album also features a few reworked tracks from a limited edition album by Ingham's now absorbed Lightsway moniker, originally released in mid 2008 by Distant Noise.
Ingham's brand of electronically shadowed shoegaze lays somewhere between the chime-y ethereal pop of Ulrich Schnauss and wide screen ambient of label-mates port-royal all done with some of the best delay and reverb adorned guitar work since Slowdive's shoegazer classic "Souvlaki". A great debut from an artist to watch...  

To Destroy A City | To Destroy A City | £10.99

To Destroy A City | To Destroy A City | £9.99

The debut self-titled album from Chicago-based trio To Destroy A City is an album ripe with slow-burning ambience, pulsating rhythms, and soaring guitars. Often building on a theme, the band weaves together pleasing melodic passages, creating compositions that are trance-inducing in their simplicity, yet layered with significance. The uninitiated may find To Destroy A City analogous to label mates Lights Out Asia and port-royal, and, due to some periodic drifting into similar spaces, the wide-screen ambient guitar duo Hammock. Such comparisons stem from the tools To Destroy A City use to convey their message; reverb drenched guitars rub against lofty synths and live drumming entangles itself into deliberate and palpitating electronic beats. This is highly emotive stuff not without its epic moments that can bring a chill to the listener. A debut this seemingly thought out is a rarity and To Destroy A City make it sound as effortless as it is beautiful.


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